Reawakening Manners and Morality in Men

Indoor Soccer Shoes For A Classy And Comfy Football

DFB Futsal Cup

Love to play soccer? This is for the folks that prefer to amuse themselves with super classy indoor soccer. So have you already got a pair of indoor soccer shoes? Or you haven’t yet figured out any reason to get one? If you fall into the second category, let’s just give you a few motives. The ball in indoor soccer isn’t going to let you breathe. You are always on.. Read More

Bastions of Manliness in Baltimore


I recently got the opportunity to travel to Baltimore for the first time.  I don’t often make it to the east coast, so I had a good time exploring a new city.  During my stay there I discovered a few fantastic little gems being operated by some amazing gentlemen.  These men (and women) stood out from their east coast brethren for their attitudes of service, something I found altogether lacking.. Read More