Have you ever seen those Christian Fish symbols on the backs of peoples cars and wondered what the IXOYE stood for?  Most people believe it is the Greek spelling of Jesus.  They are wrong.  IXOYE actually says “Fish” in Greek.  Seems a little redundant and silly to have the word “fish” inscribed in the symbol of a fish.  There is a deeper meaning behind it however.


IXOYE is an acrostic poem.  Acrostic poems use the first letter of each line to spell out something.  See this Valentine’s Day post if you don’t remember.  Iota is the first letter of Iesous or Ιησους which is the Greek spelling of Jesus.  Chi is the first letter of Christos or Χριστóς which is Greek for Anointed.  Theta is the first letter of Theou or Θεοῦ which is possessive form of the Greek word for God. Upsilon is the first letter of Huios or Υἱός, Greek for Son.  Sigma is the first letter of Soter or Σωτήρ, the Greek word for Savior.



Iota (Ιησους )  – JesusIXOYE inside the Christian Fish symbol
Chi (Χριστóς ) – Christ (Anointed)
Theta (Θεοῦ ) – God’s
Upsilon (Υἱός) – Son
Sigma (Σωτήρ) –  Savior

Jesus Christ, God’s Son, Savior

So there you see the finished acrostic saying not Jesus’ name, but instead the ultimate message of God’s salvation plan for humanity.  And you thought poetry was boring.  Well crafted poetry, like this acrostic gem, can be true works of art.