Reawakening Manners and Morality in Men

Historical Jesus – Not A Wuss


Editor’s note: All men must read this guest post from Nick LaPrell.  It will shed some light on why the Jesus of today irritates you.  Admit it, he does.  It is difficult to believe in a God that, in the back of your mind, you think you can beat up. The Original Godly Gentleman It does not surprise many to learn that more women go to church than men. According.. Read More

Lead Me – by Sanctus Real

Lead Me – by Sanctus Real

Sanctus Real’s Lead Me is a song that has earned itself a permanent place in my music rotation.  I think every man should listen to this song every morning as a reminder of why he’s getting out of bed, and what will be expected of him for the next 18 hours or so.  I find that this song’s powerful words really resonate with me.  Matt Hammitt, the lead vocalist and.. Read More

Get Out of Debt Step 2 – Payoff Your Debts

1 dollar

This is the second installment in our Get Out Of Debt series. In step one of Dave Ramsey’s debt removal plan, he had you save up $1000 for unexpected emergencies. Now we come to the heart of the 7 step process, paying off the debts. No investing, no building up your saving accounts. That comes later. Before you can successfully begin to build wealth, you must first stop hemorrhaging money.. Read More

Get Out of Debt Step 1 – Save $1000


I’ve been a fan of Dave Ramsey ever since he helped me dig myself out of a debt and set me on the path to financial independence.  He has a 7 step process he calls the “Baby Steps” required for getting out of debt.  This series of articles is to highlight his 7 step process.  I recommend them highly because I have personally experienced their effectiveness. The first baby step.. Read More

Testing Spiritual Maturity – James 3:1-12

Testing Spiritual Maturity by the Taming of the Tongue -A Bible Study of James 3:1-12 James begins chapter three by providing us an excellent tool for measuring spiritual maturity. Think back to your high school chemistry class.  A common tool for testing compounds is acid.  You pour acid on something and observe the results.  In our case we want to test spiritual maturity so we need to go right past.. Read More